Electric toothbrush or standard brush?

The time always comes when you need to choose a new toothbrush, but can’t decide between an electric or standard brush to do the job. Should you invest in an expensive electric one or just go for your classic one?

First of all there are two different types of fancy toothbrushes – the battery-powered ones and the rechargeable electric ones. The latter offers more power, but the battery powered ones do a little extra cleaning. However, both of those toothbrushes are similar to a manual one.

Manual toothbrushes

Your lifelong follower – the manual toothbrush comes in a large variety and offers you the ability to choose between different sized heads and soft, medium or hard bristles. Moreover, it is more comfortable to clean your tongue with a standard one. Many people say that they are much more flexible with a standard brush, because they are easier to move around and are considerably cheaper than electric brushes.

Electric toothbrushes

It is weird that many people dislike electric toothbrushes, but are fairly recommended by some dentists. The reason behind this is that it does most of the work for you and provides you with a few other additional benefits. The main advantage includes the constant rotation and wavelike movement without any intense effort over your teeth, which effectively helps removing food and drink debris in your mouth and get rid of surface stains. Moreover, the built-sensors in some electric toothbrushes flash a red light if you enforce too much pressure to your gums, which can lead to increased sensitivity.

Who wins?

 Electric or manual – Both products have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is that you brush your teeth correctly and regularly. Moreover, make sure you have regular check ups as well with your dentist, in order to prevent gum disease and other dental pain. For dental treatments at our Care Dental Smile Studios, contact our lovely dental team for more information: 020 8570 2526

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